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Almond Drink, Provamel, 1L [GF] [V]

Almond Drink UNSWEETENED, Provamel, 1L [GF] [V]Love almonds?Then you'll love the subtle roasted flav..

€3.29 Ex Tax: €3.29

Apple Juice, Schulp, 750ml

Apple Juice, Schulp, 750mlApple Juice Pure.The production of the delicious and fair fruit juices sta..

€4.29 Ex Tax: €3.49

Berry Fruit, Solaris Tea, 15pc [PF] [GF] [V]

Berry Fruit, Solaris Tea [PF] [GF] [V]Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags 15x2gThis infusion from Sol..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Coconut Drink, Bunalun, 1L [V] [GF]

Bunalun Organic Coconut Drink UnsweetenedIngredients:Water, Coconut* 4%, Rice Starch, Natur..

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.79

Coffee BEANS Blakes, Culture Blend, 250g [IRISH]

Blakes Culture Blend Coffee Beans (250g)  It has been almost a year now since John went ..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Coffee BEANS Blakes, Purely Arabica, 250g [IRISH]

The newest blend from Blakes Irish Coffee Roasters!..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Coffee Espresso Ground, Inca, 250g

Freshly ground, Inca Espresso from 100% pure highland Arabica beans. (250g) Illimani coffee is cert..

€5.79 Ex Tax: €5.79

Coffee Ground, Ekoplaza, 100% Arabica, 250g

Freshly ground, strong rich intense and slightly bitter flavour, from 100% organic beans.   &..

€4.79 Ex Tax: €4.79

Jasmine Green, Solaris Tea, 15pc [PF] [GF] [V]

Jasmine Green, Solaris Tea, [PF] [GF] [V]Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags 15x2gSourced from the prestig..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Loose Leaf Tea, Jasmine Green, 90g

Chinese Green Tea with the delicious scent o..

€4.79 Ex Tax: €4.79

Ministry of Tea, Lemon & Ginger Infusion, 20pc

Lemon & Ginger Tea, Minstry of Tea,20 enveloped bagsIngredients:Organic lemon & ginger..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Ministry of Tea, Pure Green, 20pc

20 enveloped bagsIngredientsOrganic pure green tea..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Ministry of Tea, The Big Sleep, 20pc

20 enveloped bags Ingredients ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Mossfield MILK, 1L

Mossfield Milk organic 1 litre.Not homogenised, not standardised, this milk is simply pasteurised an..

€2.39 Ex Tax: €2.39

Numi Tea Aged Earl Grey, 18pc [PF]

IngredientsFairtrade Assam black tea* (98%), bergamot* (2%), * = Organic..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Numi Tea Breakfast Blend, 18pc [PF]

Now bolder and richer. This complex blend of organic black teas – malty Assam, robust Ceylon, bris..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Oat Drink, Bunalun, 1L [V]

Bunalun Organic Oat Drink ..

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.79

Orange Juice, Schulp, 750ml [PF] [V] [GF]

Orange Juice, Schulp, 750ml [PF] [V] [GF]Juice from freshly squeezed oranges. Good to know: oranges ..

€5.29 Ex Tax: €4.30

Pear Juice, Schulp, 750ml [PF] [V] [GF]

Pear Juice, Schulp, 750ml [PF] [V] [GF]Made from freshly pressed organic pears and nothing else..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.24

Rice Drink, Bunalun, 1L [GF] [V]

Rice Drink, Bunalun, 1L [GF] [V]* No added Sugar* Soya FreeBefore Use:Shake well before use as natur..

€2.29 Ex Tax: €2.29

Rooibos Cacao Chai, Solaris Tea, 15pc [PF] [GF] [V]

Rooibos Cacao Chai, Solaris Tea, [PF] [GF] [V]Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags 15x2gIn this wonder..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Soya Drink, Natumi, 1L [V]

Organic soya drink unsweetened (1ltr)..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Wine White, Chardonnay, Opia, non alcoholic, 750ml [PF] [GF] [V]

Wine White, Chardonnay, Opia, non alcoholic, 750ml [PF] [GF] [V]The first organic non-alcoholic wine..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €5.68

Yogi Tea, Ginger Lemon, 17pc [V]

Ingredients Ginger* 43%, liquorice*, lemongra..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Beetroot Kvass, The Cultured Food, 500ml

Beetroot Kvass, Fermented Beetroot & Ginger Drink.The Cultured Food Company - Reviving the ancie..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.06

Wine Red, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Opia, non-alcoholic, 750ml [PF] [GF] [V]

Wine Red, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Opia, non alcoholic, 750ml [PF] [GF] [V]The first organic non-alcoholi..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €5.68

Wine White, Chardonnay Sparkling, Opia, non-alcoholic, 750ml [PF] [GF] [V]

Wine White, Chardonnay Sparkling, Opia, non-alcoholic, 750ml [PF] [GF] [V]The first organic non..

€7.99 Ex Tax: €6.50

Beer Radler, Budels, non-alcoholic, 6-pack [PF] [V]

Beer Radler, Budels, non-alcoholic, 6-pack [PF] [V]A deliciously refreshing mixed drink from Bu..

€7.99 Ex Tax: €6.50

Elderflower Presse, Belvoir, 750ml [PF] [V] [GF]

The family-owned Belvoir Fruit Farms has been making delicious drinks for 35 years. The simple recip..

€4.49 Ex Tax: €3.65

Elderflower Cordial, Belvoir, 500ml [PF][V][GF]

The family-owned Belvoir Fruit Farms has been making delicious drinks for 35 years. The simple recip..

€6.59 Ex Tax: €5.36

Yogi Tea The Finest Selection, 18pc [V] [GF]

 Yogi Tea The Finest Selection, 18pc [V] [GF] Discover your inner balance. In today's hectic li..

€3.59 Ex Tax: €3.59

Chun Mee Green Tea, Solaris Tea, 15pc [GF] [V] [PF]

Chun Mee Green, Solaris Tea [GF] [V] [PF]Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags 15x2gCelebrated as one of the..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49